Some coastal parish leaders complain Dardenne is not doing enough

Plaquemines Parish President, Billy Nungesser said Jay Dardenne is supposed to be using BP's money to help bring vacationers back to cities and towns. But he has kept many coastal parish leaders out of the loop!

Rayne continues to recover

A tornado that touched down almost two weeks ago in Rayne took the life of one person and left many others hurt. Everything is still one big mess and volunteer organizations are doing what they can,

Louisiana and Haiti could reap benefits from the Silver Carp

A pesky fish could be on its way out of Louisiana waterways and onto dinner plates half a world away. Lsu researchers have plans to send Bighead and Silver Carp to earthquake ravaged Haiti.

Japan has hard time shipping fish out

US restaurants report a sushi shortage days after disaster in Japan. There may be an absence of fish for awhile. Supplies are no longer making their way to the states.

Restoring The Coast

Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain, D.V.M., said the U.S.

Two Louisiana fugitives are caught in Memphis

Rickey Wedgeworth and Darian Pierce were caught in Tennessee ten days after escaping from State Police headquarters in Baton Rouge. The men were trustees assigned to a grounds crew.

Six year old boy dies from a bus accident

UPDATED -- Counselors are on hand at Milton Elementary School to talk with students and teachers about the death of a kindergarten student.

River Bend learns from problems plaguing Japan's plant

Officials in charge at the River Bend Nuclear Plant in St. Francisville are watching things very closely. The workers at the plant have a two year training course before they are even certified to work at River Bend.

Authorities need help identifing man who robbed local gas station

Authorities are hoping someone can help them identify the man who robbed a local gas station. He is accused of pulling out a gun and robbing the Circle K on Robley Drive.

Popular frozen entree being recalled

Ten thousand pounds of Lean Cuisine Simple Favorites, Spaghetti with Meatballs, is being pulled from store shelves. Its' manufacturers said the dinners may contain foreign materials.