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Reebok Will Refund Customers For Easy Tone and Runtone Shoes

The FTC used its muscle to stop Reebok from claiming Easy Tone and Runtone shoes can make your legs and butt look better just by wearing them. The FTC said there is no science to back up the advertisements.

Housing Market Down Nationwide

Across the nation, the number of people buying homes is down but housing industry leaders said the Acadiana area is fairing much better.

Scientists Find Deformities In Some Fish In Gulf of Mexico

LSU scientists said a species of fish near the bottom of the food chain is turning up deformed and may be unable to reproduce. The Killifish they looked at had bad damage to their gills, intestines, and other organs.

Oil Spill Still Hurting Sales On Louisiana Seafood

Seafood sales are already way down even though the FDA continues to state the seafood is 100% safe.

U.S. Senate Reaches Compromise

This comes after officials at FEMA said they have enough money to operate through the end of the fiscal year. That allowed lawmakers to reduce spending to FEMA by one billion dollars.

Riverboats Head Back To Baton Rouge

Riverboats have been absent from the Mississippi River since 2008. Local leaders said the come back is huge for the capital city and Louisiana as a whole.

Man Arrested For Drive By Shooting

Trevor Lee Johnson is accused of opening fire on another driver on West Willow Street over the weekend. Police said one of his bullets struck the victim in the stomach.

Rayne Man Locked Up On Drug Charges

Police said they found cocaine, ecstacy, and other drugs in Anthony Lee Campbell's car after pulling him over for traffic violations. Campbell has been arrested before on similar drug charges.

Man Jailed For Paying Sex In Public

Carroll Joubert, 69, was caught by an undercover cop. Police said Joubert payed other men to have sex with him in public places.

Jeffery Guillory Is Found Guilty

UPDATED -- The trial for suspected serial killer, Jeffery Lee Guillory, went throughout the weekend and now his murder trial is finally over.