Jambalaya Festival Association Feeds People In Joplin

Missouri tornado victims and recovery workers are being served Louisiana style comfort food.

Two Immates Break Into Evidence Room

UDATED -- Robbing a police department is probably not a good idea. Two inmates and a jail employee are accused of doing just that. One inmate's mother said she knows her daugther did it.

A New Iberia Man Pleads Guilty To Murder

Yesterday, Ismael Viera pleaded guilty to second degree murder of a well-known orthodontist. Investigators said he killed Robert Shastaw back in December.

A Fight Leaves One Woman In the Hospital

A Lafayette woman is recovering from last night's crazy fight on the 200 block of Rubria. That is just off Willow between St. Antwon and University.

Thirty People Cited For Cockfighting Ring

Yesterday an alleged cockfighting ring was busted up in Sunset. The police chief there said its something he is not going to stand for. Police cited twenty-two adults and eight juveniles.

Lafayette Investigators Have A Mystery To Solve

UPDATED -- There is still very little information on how four cars ended up at the bottom of the Vermillion River. The discovery was made on Monday.

Jindal Vetoes Bill That Would Renew Cigarette Tax

Even though he vetoed keeping the state's four cent tax on cigarettes, there is still a chance the tax could still happen. That is after a serious effort by some lawmakers to override the Governor's decision.

Governor's Office Evades Transparency Again

For a third time, an effort to make Jindal's office more transparent failed! Senator Robert Adley has been pushing to force the Governor's Office to face the same public records requirements as all other state lawmakers.

Listeria Found At A Kellogg's Plant

For the second time in two years, listeria has been found at a Kellogg's plant. The FDA said it found traces of the bacteria along production lines at the plant in Georgia.

Broussard Man Charged In Child Abuse Case

A Broussard man  is locked up for allegedly beating his girlfriend's son to death.