Gas Prices In Louisiana Don't Seem To Be Decreasing

The price of gas is up $0.11 cents per gallon this week. The average Louisiana driver is paying $3.52 at the pump according to AAA. Prices are now almost a dollar higher than a year ago.

Choot 'Em Scratch Off Tickets Now Available

UPDATED -- The newest scratch off ticket features Swamp People reality stars, Jacob and Troy Landry. The lotto ticket came out yesterday.

Abbeyville Man Busted For Bringing Child To Bar

Lafayette Police said Joe Duhon III allowed his 16 year old son accompany him to Nightown. Nightown is on on Jefferson street.

Edwards Is Ready To Reconnect With Old Pals

Edwin Edwards plans to do it by throwing a big birthday bash! That is just days after the former Louisiana governor got off house arrest.

Lafayette's Getting National Attention

It is because of Lafayette's cooking! Because of the cooking the Hub City is now apart of a competition put on by Rand McNally and USA Today.

Manning Brothers Hold Annual Passing Camp

Friday night the Manning brothers were back home in Louisiana. The Manning brothers put together their annual passing camp.

Bus Driver Retires After Fatal Accident Involving A Child

The man driving the bus that killed a kindergarten student has quit. The Advertiser Reported Harold Thibeaux filed his retirement papers yesterday.

City of Scott Wants To Keep Kids Safe

"We have people complaining about speeders in Scott and want kids to be safe and be adults for our future," explained Chad Leger, Scott Chief Of Police.

Some Technology Makes Things Easier For Criminals

Police said the technology used everyday could make anyone an easier target for criminals. There is a Facebook feature that allows a person to "check in" at places.

Louisiana In Rankings With Some of the Dirtiest Beaches

This comes after a study by the National Resource Defense Council.  The group said since the BP oil spill, many of the state's beaches just have not been safe.