Shoppers Take Advantage of Day After Christmas Deals!

Yesterday shoppers were hoping to get the things Santa did not bring this year. Stores and malls across the country offered huge after Christmas discounts and many shoppers arrived armed with gift cards.

Unwanted Gift Cards Can Be A Tax Write-Off

If anyone has received an unwanted gift card, experts said don't let it go to waste but donate the card!

Makers of Enfamil Says Their Product Is Safe

The makers of Enfamil Newborn powder formula said they have retested their product and found no trace of a deadly bacteria. 

Case of Man Accused of Killing Priest Headed To Grand Jury

The state's attorney general recently launched a political campaign describing Jeremy Mainieri as a cold blooded killer.

Potential Crack Down On Scooters In Mamou

The city of Mamou is getting serious about people's electric scooters! They said the scooters are becoming a road hazard! Right now, they are legal on roads with speed limits under 25 miles per hour.

Obama Thanks Congress For Passing Payroll Tax Extension Before Christmas

UPDATED -- President Obama signed the bill on Friday. The two month extension will keep 160 million workers from getting hit with a tax increase on January 1st.

State Police Will Be Out and Watching

Everyone should expect troopers to be out in full force this holiday weekend. State Police will be looking for speeders, drunk drivers, texters, and people who forget to buckle up!

Don't Miss Decorated Houses Around Town

The website is having its second annual house lighting contest. The website also shows a map of where the houses are located.

Man Puts An Unusual Car Up For Sale

A self proclaimed crazy man in Rhode Island has decided to sell his candy cane car. The car comes complete with candy cane hubcaps and even exercise equipment mounted on top!

High Winds Hit Firework Stand In Lafayette

Yesterday just off I-10, at the Ambassador Caffery Exit high winds blew a fireworks stand over. The people at the stand said they lost about $100,000 worth of fireworks.   No one was hurt.