More Bodies Recovered From Cruise Ship; Death Toll Rises

Five more bodies have been recovered from the cruise ship that ran aground last Friday night. The confirmed death toll as of last night is eleven. There is at least twenty-four people that are still missing.

Celebration of Martin Luther King Day

In Atlanta, young people stood in the front of Ebenezer Baptist Church in the honor of slain Civil Rights Leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Experts Continue To Predict Higher Gas Prices

Experts said save those pennies because they will be needed at the gas pump this year. AAA believes 2012 will be a tumultuous year for gas prices.

Online Retailer, Zappos, Gets Hacked

Millions of account holders personal information could be in the wrong hands! Information such as email addresses and phone numbers have been hacked.

Miss Wisconsin Wins the Crown

Laura Kepler was crowed the 2012 pageant's winner Sunday night in Las Vegas. Kepler will rein for one year and she will receive a $50,000 college scholarship.

Hudspeth Sign Autographs Over the Weekend

Louisiana football fans will have to wait eight months to watch another local team take the field. Although LSU and Saints' fans are a little upset, the Ragin Cajuns' fans are still elated!

Boustany and Landry At Odds Over Ways To Drill Oil

Two Louisiana congressmen cannot agree on the way to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Congressman Charles Boustany said he is very angry at Jeff Landry.

Last Friday Marked 16 Years of Amber Alert System

Because of the kidnapping and murder of a little girl, a nationwide program was started. The victim was Amber Hagerman. This is the reason why it is called the Amber Alert System today.

Outbreak of Violence Last 18 Hours In New Orleans

Friday a total of seventeen people were shot and at least two police officers were fired on! On Thursday Nola PD headquarters was evacuated after two live hand grenades were found in a car seized after a chase.

New Price Hike From Airlines

The price hike started when Delta Airlines added $20 to roundtrip, longer-haul routes last week. Southwest-Airtran and Frontier quickly matched the fare increase, followed by American, United/Continental and US Airways.