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Crawfish Farmers Unsure of What High Water Will Bring

UPDATED -- Crawfish farmers do not know what to expect if the Morganza Spillway gates open. Some predict the floods to lead to a longer crawfish producing season.

State Lawmakers Crack Down On Bullying

A new bill expands the definition of bullying to include any act of harrassment that is brought on by race, color, or sexual orientation. This would give teachers an idea of what to look for.

School Closing Due to High Water

Due to the potential rising water expected in the Stephensville-Belle River area, officials with the St.

Mississippi River Rising Quickly

The mighty Mississippi River continues to rise to record levels as it surges south through parts of Mississippi. Experts said the river is moving at 1.8 million cubic feet per second through the delta.

Morgan City Prepares For Flooding

Officials said opening the Morganza Spillway will help stabilize river levels but at the same time the controlled flood could be disastrous to about 2,500 people. Morgan City could see up to twenty feet of water.

St. Martin Parish Preps For Flooding

In nearby Stephenville there is no barrier to keep the floodwaters out. So people and prisoners are spending their days filling sandbags in efforts to keep homes and property from getting washed out.

American Red Cross Needs Volunteers

The Red Cross is planning to open shelters in areas where evacuations are ordered. Volunteers spent  yesterday calling former volunteers for help.

Chaos On LSU's Campus Yesterday

In protest to Isaac Eslava's harsh punishment, Grad student, Benjamin Haas, thought about burning an American flag on the parade grounds.

Flood Plans to Stop Flooding Will Create Flooding

If the state gets the final okay to open up the Morganza Spillway, the Mississippi River will be diverted into the Atchafalaya. That means the potential for water to rush into places that are dry right now.

Communities Are Concerned About Flooding

Farmers are not the only people worried. There are entire communities concerned.