Part of St. Francisville Flooded; Main Part of St. Francisville Is Not Flooded

In St. Francisville, major flooding has already taken place. The low-lying area near the ferry landing is under water and so are a lot of homes.

High Dollar Facility Completed

Despite the flooding issues Friday, the Sunbelt Conference Tournament was going on at Lamson Park. There was an extra day to watch the Ragin Cajun ladies and elite softball action in the new $2 million dollar facility.

John White To Be Interim State Superintendent of Education

The search is on for a new Louisiana Superintendent of Education. The Coalition For Louisiana Public Education is asking Governor Jindal to let them have a say on who that person is.

Atchafalya Flood Crest Heights and Dates

New Forecast river stages for the Atchafalaya River

Louisiana Prepares For Fight On Two Major Waterways

"I keep saying huge and immense and its hard to describe how much water is in the system... its the most that's ever been in the system." Said Maj. Gen. Michael Walsh, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Krotz Springs Gets Another Temporary Levee

The town sits right next to the Atchafalaya River. Without the levee, over two hundred homes would be unprotected against flooding backwaters once the Morganza Spillway is opened.

Flood Insurance Still An Option For Homeowners

UPDATED -- Insurance commissioner, Jim Donelon said there are exceptions to the 30 day rule for coverage.

Some Prepare For Shutdown On River

The U.S. Coast Guard said that is not an option right now but tow boat captains said they have heard the lower Mississippi could close as early as Sunday.

Crawfish Farmers Unsure of What High Water Will Bring

UPDATED -- Crawfish farmers do not know what to expect if the Morganza Spillway gates open. Some predict the floods to lead to a longer crawfish producing season.

State Lawmakers Crack Down On Bullying

A new bill expands the definition of bullying to include any act of harrassment that is brought on by race, color, or sexual orientation. This would give teachers an idea of what to look for.