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USA, Israel, South Africa

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - 4:52pm

Around The World(FOX 44) USA A police officer in Texas was talking to a woman who was in an early morning fender bender when a drunk driver driving way too fast slammed his van into the rear end of the squad car. 
The officer pushed the woman out of the way just before the van crashed into his patrol car.
The officer suffered serious injuries, but is recovering and the woman suffered a few scrapes and bruises.

Israel-  Israel held a surprise military exercise on the Golan Heights today.
Reservists were called from their homes for the unannounced large scale exercise.
The exercise comes amid a civil war in neighboring Syria and increasing tensions over Iran's nuclear program.
Israel says time is running out to stop what it believes is Iran's quest for a nuclear weapon.
That has raised international concern Israel could launch a unilateral strike on the Islamic republic.

South Africa- Thousands of South African miners celebrated a hefty wage boost today ending a violent six week strike.
The miners agreed to go back to work Thursday after receiving up to 22% wage hikes.
The strike saw 34 miners shot dead by police last month outside of a mine.
there are concerns that the sizable wage increase these miners received could stoke unrest in other mines in the area.


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