USA, Afghanistan, Mexico

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 - 9:41pm

Around The World (FOX 44) USA- Chicago teachers could vote to end a week long strike today.
Teachers hit the picket lines last week, when they could not strike a contract deal with the school district.
They now have a tentative deal in hand, but Sunday union delegates decided they wanted more time to study the proposal. 
They will vote today on whether to suspend the strike, end it, or keep walking.
Delegates say the general feeling is to go back to school.

Afghanistan- Al Qaida is making new threats of violence today against American diplomats as protests continue over that anti-Islam video.
This comes after a suicide attack related to the protests killed at least 12 people in Afghanistan and other violence erupted at demonstrations around the region.
Right now a major focus has been in Afghanistan and the decision to scale back on joint operations with Afghan troops.
Some wonder if it will hurt US plans to leave the country in two years.

Mexico-  More than a hundred prisoners have escaped from a mexican prison on the border with the US.
It is considered one of Mexico's worst jailbreaks in years.
Investigators say the 132 inmates fled through a tunnel in an old carpentry workshop, then cut wire surrounding the complex.
Officials say corrupt prison officials may have helped with the escape.
US authorities are now on alert for any fugitives that may cross the border.


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