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Uproar over controversial film continues for second week in a row

Friday, September 21, 2012 - 4:51pm

For a second week in a row demonstrations continued across the Arab world in anger over a film made in the United States and a publication in France.

Both had depicted the Prophet Mohammad in a derogatory way.

Unlike in the past several days, the protests that took place in cities like  Beirut and in Cairo were relatively peaceful.

In the heart of Beirut a protest took place that was organized by a Salafist group, but nonetheless it remained extremely peaceful and lasted a short while.

In Cairo you are seeing for the first time really strong condemnation of the kind of violence seen against US facilities and other diplomatic missions.

The President of the country who spoke after Friday prayers said it was unjustified to use violence in any way to try and protest the film and any type of inflammatory content that is coming out of the West


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