Two arrested for stealing impounded vehicle from wrecker yard

Monday, February 25, 2013 - 11:44am

Two Houston men are behind bars as they stole a vehicle which was impounded from a local wrecker yard. The incident occurred at Cliff’s Towing Service in Crowley.

The two men went to retrieve a vehicle from the business but were unable to obtain the vehicle due to there being a hold on the vehicle. After the business owner entered his office area, he heard a loud crash and observed that the vehicle was driven through the fence of his yard by the suspects.

“With these two men being from Houston, our officers work with State Police and were able to locate the vehicle traveling west on Interstate 10. State Police were able to stop the vehicle in Jeff Davis Parish without incident” Stated Chief K.P. Gibson.

Arrested were Julian Sosa, 20 of Houston, Tx. And James K. Sosa, Jr., 20 of Houston, Tx. Both men were booked into the Jeff Davis Parish Jail and transferred to the Acadia Parish Jail for Unauthorized Removal of a Motor Vehicle and Criminal Damage to Property.


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Vehicle Thieves are normally stole vehicles using various tactics that they know. But now a days the vehicle thieves can be easily picked due to the use of vehicle trackers. Here the two thieves are arrested for stealing impounded vehicle from wrecker yard. Nice work by the police.

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