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Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper says school board is wasting tax payers' money

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Investigation into unspecified complaints against Cooper costing a pretty penny

Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 3:25pm

As usual last night's school board meeting was nothing less than tense as certain board members continue to press an investigation into "wrong doings" by the superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper.  The board voted Wednesday to hire Attorney Shelton Blunt from Baton Rouge to investigate unspecified complaints against Cooper.  Dr. Cooper says the investigation is a waste of tax payers' dollars.

"We've been using the district attorney's office.  We averaged about $4,000 a month for legal services.  We've now brought in an outside firm from Baton Rouge and their first month is $18,000 so we're going to spend about a quarter-million dollars on a law firm in addition to whatever the special law firm requires when we could have had it all for free," says Dr. Pat Cooper, Superintendent of Lafayette Parish School System.

Already three different parties have looked into the possible wrong doings and all three investigations turned up clear.  Dr. Cooper says the board's decision is a real shame, and a shame for the children and the teachers.


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