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Saints Linebacker Johnathon Vilma say he will fight the NFL issued suspension

NEW ORLEANS, LA — Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma issued a statement on Wednesday, May 2, after punishments were doled out in the bounty scandal, which accuses players, coaches and the general manager to handing out cash payments for hit

Louisiana To Celebrate 200th Birthday This Weekend

This weekend Louisiana will celebrate its 200th birthday.   Lots of free fun will be offered in Downtown Baton Rouge.

Loomis Gives Go Ahead For Investigations

General Manager Mickey Loomis has given the go ahead for police to investigate the allegations against him.

State lawmakers Cut Additional Two Hundred Million Dollars From 2012 Budget

State lawmakers have cut an additional two hundred million dollars from this year's budget. This is because state income tax collections brought in less than expected.

BP Engineer Arrested

 Two years after the Deepwater Horizon disaster a BP engineer has been arrested on obstruction of justice charges.

Louisiana Department Of Transportation And Development Facing More Budget Cuts

The Louisiana Department Of Transportation And Development is facing more budget cuts tonight. On the agenda were discussions of slicing the budget by 40 million dollars.

64 Million Dollars Headed To People Who Filed Claims Against BP

Good news for the thousands who were affected by the spill and filed claims against BP.   More than 64 million dollars is headed their way.

Today Is The Two Year Anniversary Of The BP Oil Spill

Today marks the second anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico which led to the worst environmental disaster in US history.

Friday Marks The Two Year Anniversary Of The BP Oil Spill

Friday marks the two year anniversary of the BP oil spill   Research into that disaster shows a large number of fish near the site of the explosion are sick.

Legendary Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Steps Down

A Louisiana Supreme Court Justice is leaving her post to spend more time with her family.   Catherine Kitty Kimball says she will step down from her position in January.