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Both parties consider cutting farm subsidies to avoid fiscal cliff

Republicans and Democrats are still largely at an impasse over a deficit reduction plan to help avert the fiscal cliff. Could farm subsidies be part of the solution?

Report: 6 million pounds of gunpowder improperly stored in Louisiana

A massive stockpile of at least 6 million pounds of gunpowder was found improperly stored in Louisiana's Camp Minden, not far from where an explosion occurred two months ago, authorities said.

Renaissance era revived at LA RenFest

Head just about 45 miles east of Baton Rouge and you’ll find a small village dedicated to a time where jousting was all the talk, Shakespeare plays were top box office hits, and mead was the all time favorite beverage.

Is the state holding your unclaimed property?

If you didn't win the lottery, you might just be due some extra money from the state, just in time for the holidays. The latest list of all unclaimed property holdings has been released by the Louisiana State Treasury.

Bayou Country Superfest releases talent list

The talent for the fourth annual Bayou Country Superfest is complete.

Bayou Corne residents begin leaving homes due to sinkhole

Duane Bier built his home on Bayou Corne with his own hands. He thought the house would be a place for him to retire. He chose life on the bayou because of its beautiful scenery.

Assumption Parish man creates massive Christmas light display

Ray Daigle turned on his Christmas lights Friday night for the first time this season, 1.3 million lights dancing to more than 20 songs.

Updated: Over 100 vehicles collide in massive Texas pileup

At least two people were killed and as many as 120 injured in Thanksgiving pileups involving an estimated 100 cars on a foggy stretch of highway in southeast Texas, authorities said.

Texas state rep challenges Governor Perry to drug test

The Governor of Texas says people receiving unemployment benefits should be required to take a drug test, something one state representative says the Governor should do as well.

Facebook introduces job search, competes with LinkedIn

Watch out, LinkedIn. Facebook is jumping into the job search space, with a Social Jobs App that includes listings from services like Monster and BranchOut.