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Jindal on voucher ruling: ‘We will fund it through the budget’

Today the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled that the funding for the state’s education voucher program is unconstitutional.

La. Supreme Court rules that funding for voucher program is unconstitutional

The Louisiana Supreme Court has ruled the way money is collected for Governor Jindal’s voucher program is unconstitutional.

Budget maneuvers continue at the Capitol

Both Democrats and Republicans are coming together and reporting bills unfavorably out of committee to make sure those bills were not killed and can be used in the upcoming budget debate.

Law to ban social media while driving gains support from lawmakers

A bill that bans accessing social media sites while driving is gaining more support at the Capitol. The House Committee on Transportation and Highways is passing on a bill that came through the senate without issues.

Audit: Louisiana food stamp program overpaid millions in benefits, possible fraud

An oversight allowed for the overpayment of millions in benefits for recipients of the Louisiana food stamp program, an audit revealed.

Connect with Your Children Outdoors this Summer

(StatePoint) Do you have treasured childhood memories of spending time outdoors with your parents or grandparents? This summer, take the time to share this experience with your own children.

How to Prepare Fast, Inexpensive Family Meals

(StatePoint) There are unlimited excuses you can make to skip cooking.

Babysitter rescues child from blazing bassinet in apartment fire

A baby is now trying to survive severe burns and internal injuries after his babysitter saved him from a burning bassinet.  A warning to viewers, the pictures of the babysitter's injured hands are graphic.

Man Who Pulled Gun On TV Crew Sentenced

What started in Joiner, Arkansas, ended in a Osceola Courtroom Wednesday morning.

Sinkhole bills pass through the house floor without opposition

For nine months residents of Bayou Corne have been living in the shadow of the sinkhole.