Several Car Break-Ins in Safe Neighborhoods

Around seven break-ins just in the past week in one area

Friday, November 9, 2012 - 6:40pm

  Around seven different car break-ins have been reported just this past week.  All of these reports have been in the side-by-side Martin Park and Belle Chase neighborhoods.  A common denominator--the car doors were left unlocked.

  "These types of car burglaries are crimes of opportunity.  So they're going around checking vehicles, checking doors and when they find that opportunity with that door open their rummaging through it and their taking things of value."--Corporal Paul Mouton

  One victim in the neighborhood is astonished that this happened to him.

  "Just the fact that I know somebody was underneath my carport that I don't know...was going through my stuff.."--Chris Ortego

  Ortego says that he is usually diligent about locking his vehicle, but this night in particular he can't be sure.

  "It's a very violated feeling to know that you know..this is a considered a very safe neighborhood."--Ortego

  A neighbor of one of the victims is just as shocked.

  "It surprised me cause I find this a very very nice and clean subdivision to where I feel comfortable here."--Barbara Champagne

  "It's so important, regardless of where you park your vehicle -- whether its underneath your carport, in your garage, or outside your apartment comple, you should always lock your car."--Corporal Mouton

  One victim actually had surveillance around his house.  He caught the suspect on tape and has now handed that tape over to the Lafayette Police Department who are still investigating this case.


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