Sen. Landrieu and Secretary of Energy tour Port of Iberia

KADN Staff

Port of Iberia visit was part of Landrieu's "Coast on Call: Energy for Today and Tomorrow" tour

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 - 3:04pm

Senator Mary Landrieu and Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz took a tour of the Port of Iberia as part of their "Coast on Call: Energy for Today and Tomorrow" tour to promote job creation on America's working coastlines.

Landrieu secured a provision in the water infrastructure bill (Water Resources and Development Act) Congress recently passed that allows the port to dredge its channels; making the port deeper, allowing it to accommodate larger and heavier shipments.

Landrieu has been actively promoting Louisiana's coastal parishes and ports to secure funding and investment for infrastructure development and job creation.  The "Coast on Call" tour began in New Orleans with public meetings to discuss the Dept. of Energy's Quadrennial Energy Review, then went to Port Fourchon the nation's leading energy supply port, and ended at the Port of Iberia to see first hand the fabrication and manufacturing abilities of the port.

The Dept. of Energy's national waterway dredging budget hovers around $4.6 billion annually. Landrieu was adamant the Port of Iberia will be a top investment/priority in the waterway budget.  


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