'Sell This House: Extreme' transforms house in Prairieville

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 - 7:06pm

Can you imagine doing a five week renovation project in three and a half days? It's possible and it's happening at a house in Prairieville.

"Sell This House: Extreme" is filming here in Louisiana for the next few days. Their mission is to try and turn a house in Prairieville around and get it ready for sale. The show's hosts say the local contractors, JBC construction, are some of the best they've ever worked with.

"We got call about 3 weeks ago to do the show. We were real excited,” said JBC Contractor, Cameron Hernandez. JBC Construction was asked to work with the A&E show “Sell This House" to literally transform a home, in a very short period of time.

“Were doing about 5 weeks worth of work in 3 days, I need local people to help out,” said Contracting expert for “Sell This House”, Charlie Frattini.

And those local contractors didn't really know what they were getting into.

“'We were getting nervous once we got the schedule and realized how intense it would be," noted Hernandez.

The house in Prairieville had some major issues and the owners were having problems selling, so the “Sell This House” team came in, with a budget and got right to work.

"There were some major issues with the house and they found ways of fixing it all and I think were gona get done on time because these guys," said “Sell This House” host, Tanya Memme.

And expert Charlie Frattini says he’s worked with hundreds of contracting teams but now after this job, the bar is set a lot higher.

“JBC Construction, these guys are the best couldn't have done it without them,” said Frattini.

After smashing through walls, blowing out ceilings and tearing out the kitchen and bathroom, the house is almost ready to be put on the market.

"And it's all because of local Prairieville and Baton Rouge contractors, there are good people and drive through bars, amazing," noted Frattini.

JBC Construction hired sub contractors from the area to help with the project. The episode began shooting Sunday and will wrap up in two more days. It airs June 1st on A&E.


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