Safari group encounters cheetah

Friday, September 21, 2012 - 8:46pm

It was just another safari in Kenya, when the cheetah the tourists had spotted, decided to hitch a ride.

Or at least a seat. and thus began 45 minutes of eye to eye contact only a foot or two from a creature one couple dubbed Rita Rita the Cheetah.
Kate Girskis' husband was the one shooting the video. 

Although not known for visciousness, they easily kill their prey.

When the cheetah leaped up, the safari guide told the tourists exactly what not to do.
Don't move, don't talk. Hakuna matata.
The expression made famous by the lion king.
For the cheetah the vehicle was just a perch with a view so she could scan for prey. After 45 minutes, Edward the guide started the engine.
and seconds later, rita the cheetah stood up.... But soon presented a new threat.

Not at all far-fetched. There's a famous animal planet video in which Keekay the cheetah answers the call of nature.

Through the sunroof, into the napkin of a zoologist trapped below. However Rita behaved.
The tourists later realized that the license plate on their vehicle began with the letters KAT. Though spelling cat with a k is cheetahing. Finally, it was elation and relief.

The group had but one request of their guide Edward, if they could get a lion up there next.
Actually cheetahs parking themselves on cars and sunroofs are pretty common on youtube. It is almost as if it is raining cats.


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