Republican Congressman Mickey Edwards visits Lafayette

Speaks about critical decisions in politics

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - 4:55pm

The 2012 IND Lecture Series was eager to have a well-established speaker to close out their series this afternoon.  Republican Congressman Mickey Edwards visited the Cajundome Convention Center in Lafayette as a keynote speaker to close out the 2012 IND Lecture Series.  Congressman Edwards has served sixteen years in Congress, taught at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government as well as Georgetown, Princeton, and George Washington University where he teaches currently.  He has written a highly acclaimed book and speaks on his experience working in Washington.

"What I have noticed is that nothing in Washington seems to work very well.  It's like you have two separate armies instead of one US Congress or one US Government.  It's like an NFL team, its my team against yours all of the time and we've got big problems to solve.  We can't solve them in a system that's based on party rivalries," says Congressman Edwards.

Congressman Edwards focused on how to get past that party rivalry in government so we can function as one country talking and listening to each other, and finding some way to come to common ground and solve our problems.  His new book is called "The Parties vs the People:  How to turn Republicans and Democrats into Americans."


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