Political Signs Still a Top Campaign Tool In Elections

KADN Staff
Tuesday, August 19, 2014 - 4:35pm

Signs, signs, everywhere signs. The election date of November 4th for the different political races is getting closer in Acadiana.

Some of the races have been predicted to be very close.  The politician's have so many different ways to get their message out to the public on why you should vote for them.

There are ads on televsion, radio, newspaper, mail out's, internet, social media and of course the old fashioned way....Signs!

But, are signs still important in this changing time. For almost 50 years, the dean of the advertising field and consultant for hundreds of political campaigns in south Louisiana is Lafayette's own Sandy Kaplan.

We wanted to know if signage still played a role in world of politics.

" I have said for years that signs don't vote. I tell that to political candidates, signs don't vote. Yard signs have a tendency to vote. When you put a yard sign in someones yard, a small sign, they are showing that as support." said Kaplan.

"When you see a 4x8 on the side of the road you don't know who owns that property, so it really doesn't make any difference. So it's all about name recognition. All you have to do is just drive around town. This guys sign is in this yard, that guy has a signing that yard. Then you go by a week later and this guys has two signs, then their is three in that guys yard. It's pretty funny."

"People want to be asked for their vote and people want to show support .The only way they can show it is with yard signs. How else are they going to do it? They aren't going to wear a button to work everyday."

 Kaplan went on to say that the average person is hit with from 3 thousand to 5 thousand advertising impressions daily.  

Again, yard signs may be good but, he feels the most effective way for that person running for office is to hit the campaign trail or street and knock on doors to meet the voter,  make eye contact and ask for the vote.


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