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Busiest day of season for FedEx, postal service

With just 10 days until Christmas, Santa's delivery elves are working overtime. That means it's extra busy for shippers as well. Monday is the peak shipping day of the season for FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service.

Gas for less than $2 is now widespread

It was a good weekend for drivers to fill up. Cheap gas spread across the nation faster than holiday cheer.

Sony lawyer tells media to stop reporting on material stolen by hackers

As it tries to recover from a devastating cyber attack, Sony Pictures is asking news organizations, including CNN, to stop examining and publicizing the corporate secrets that hackers have made public.

Iowa replaces drivers license with app

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Iowa is taking plastic drivers licenses into the digital age.

Inventors create armrest to end flight fights

(CNN) -- Could this device finally bring a peaceful end to the great arms race in the sky?

Music therapist helps children with learning diabilities

When you sing to your little one or play music for them... Do you see how much they really enjoy it? For many years some medical professionals have been using music to help with their healing practices.

3 yoga tips to help stress less this holiday season

(CNN) -- There's no escaping -- it's the season for stress! Whether you love them or dread them, the holidays tax our bodies and our minds.

High school students walk out over 'Redskins' name change

(CNN) -- The debate over the "Redskins" name in sports isn't just at the professional level.

GA gun club offers family pictures with Santa while holding guns

A gun club near Atlanta is taking some heat for its holiday charity event. You can get your picture taken with Santa -- and an assault rifle.

Chrysler expands airbag recall to Texas, Louisiana

Chrysler is expanding a recall of cars and trucks with the deadly Takata airbags.