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McCain to hold cybersecurity hearing after Sony attack

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Sen. John McCain, the incoming chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, will hold a hearing into the cyber attack on Sony Pictures in the first two weeks of the next Congress.

Arizona Humane Society removes 60 cats from apartment

 Phoenix, AZ (KTVK) -- The Arizona Humane Society removed 60 cats and two dead kittens from an east Phoenix apartment Thursday afternoon.

Best places to see Christmas lights in the U.S.

 (CNN) -- Christmas in the United States is a combination of traditions from around the world.

'Digital nose' on a chip can sniff out diseases

 (CNN) -- It's long been known that dogs and cats, with their highly developed sense of smell, can be trained to identify the volatile chemica

Toy guns look too real, NY AG says

The difference between a toy gun and a real one is very blurry sometimes and that has led to unintended deaths.

Gruesome discovery: Small bodies inside abandoned storage locker

When Regina Zimmer bid $40 on an abandoned storage unit in Colfax, California, near Sacramento, all she did before the purchase was look at the unit from the outside and hope to find something valuable.

Texas is in danger of a recession

Turmoil in the oil market could knock Texas into a recession. The shale oil boom has been a blessing to Texas, making the state an economic standout during the past few years of ho-hum U.S. growth.

What would make a baseball hat be worth $300,000?

 (CNN) -- A baseball hat Babe Ruth wore during his 1934 tour of Japan just sold for $303,277 on the site Grey Flannel Auctions.

Mysterious ice pancakes appear on Scottish river

 LONDON (CNN) -- Here's another Scottish mystery to file alongside the Loch Ness Monster and Mel Gibson's accent in "Braveheart.&quot