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Ford recalls 850,000 cars for air bag flaw

CNNMoney — Ford Motor says it is recalling 850,000 cars because of the risk of a short circuit that could prevent its air bag from deploying in a crash.

Man beheads woman in Oklahoma workplace

A man has beheaded a woman after a workplace dispute in Oklahoma, U.S. law enforcement officials told CNN on Friday. He also tried to kill another woman, officials said.

Kindergarten class learns in both Spanish and English

Imagine being five or six years old and not being able to speak your first language in the classroom. With a new teacher from Spain, kids at Casper's Part Elementary School, are learning how to get by without English.

One woman walked in, and the Ebola nightmare began

 A middle-aged woman walked into the emergency room of Phebe Hospital with a fever on the evening of June 23.

Phil Spector's happy and sad prison faces: Still a bad hair day

Music legend and convicted killer Phil Spector's latest prison mugshots show both a happy and a sad face.

Joan Lunden shaves head in cancer fight

Joan Lunden made a bold move when she posed for the cover of this week's People magazine. The former "Good Morning America" host appears with sparkling eyes and a broad smile, but without her trademark golden locks.

Gun accidentally discharges in student's backpack, middle school put on lockdown

A Texas middle school was briefly put on lockdown Wednesday after a gun accidentally went off inside a backpack. No one was injured. Authorities say the gun was loaded with blanks.

Warning Graphic: Video shows trooper shooting unarmed man

EDITOR'S NOTE: This video contains violence that is graphic in nature. The clip is not suitable for all audiences. One moment, a man reaches into his vehicle after a South Carolina trooper asked for his driver's license.

Teen hospitalized after eating pot-laced lollipop at school

An Enfield mother is angry and upset after she said her 16-year-old daughter was given a lollipop at school that she believes was laced with marijuana.

Apple fixes software bug in iPhone 6

Apple has released a revised version of its new iOS operating system to fix the bugs that have been plaguing some iPhone 6 users.