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Duke University's decision to sound Muslim call to prayer riles some

The Muslim call to prayer will sound from a bell tower at North Carolina's Duke University -- but not everyone is considering the chant music to the ear.

Apple's new security feature not good enough

After the celebrity iCloud hack last year, Apple promised to better protect customer accounts.

Texas: America's boom-and-bust oil capital

Up until just a few months ago, things were going gangbusters in Texas. Now, with oil breaking below $45 a barrel, there's a legitimate fear the state will tumble into a recession.

House votes to repeal Obama immigration actions

The House approved an all-or-nothing measure that ties Homeland Security funding to the undoing of President Barack Obama's immigration moves -- setting the stage for a clash with the new Republican-led Senate.

Unemployed Ohio man allegedly planned bomb-and-shoot attack on U.S. Capitol

For months, 20-year-old Christopher Lee Cornell had been on the FBI's radar. Authorities said he left alarming posts on social media, talking about violent jihad.

10 dead after Texas prison bus collides with train

ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KTSM) — Officials with the Texas Department of Transportation confirm that they are are the scene of a multiple fatality crash involving a Texas Department of Criminal Justice transport bus on I-20 in Ector County near P

Juvenile defendant helps save life of police officer

A teen who lands in lockup a few times can get on a police department's nerves.

This year's Y2K: 'Leap second' threatens to break the Internet

CNN — Get your apocalypse bunker ready. This summer, a "leap second" will threaten to wreak havoc across the Internet.

Why Facebook parenting can backfire

(CNN) — Just about every day on Facebook, I see posts by parents asking for advice related to their children. Granted many of my friends are parents, but I imagine you see similar posts when you log on as well.

2nd AirAsia Flight QZ8501 black box recovered; fuselage possibly located

Searchers have now recovered both so-called black boxes from AirAsia Flight QZ8501 and may have located the fuselage of the plane, an Indonesian official said Tuesday, adding more pieces to help solve the puzzle of what caused the disaster.