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ISIS burned up to 40 people alive in Iraq, official says

(CNN) — Reports that ISIS burned alive up to 40 people near the town of al-Baghdadi in Iraq's massive Anbar province are true, an Iraqi official told CNN on Wednesday.

Beyonce fans swarm after unretouched photos surface

(CNN) — Beyonce's army of fans call themselves the BeyHive, and at any perceived insult to Queen Bey, they swarm.

Walmart to pay workers well above minimum wage

Walmart, the frequent focus of advocates for low-wage workers, is giving its lowest-paid workers a raise.

Here's what really happened when Biden whispered to defense secretary's wife

Vice President Joe Biden has been the source of many social media moments. Internet users dubbed finger-guns his trademark salute, he's had more than one on camera Freudian slip, and his Senate swearing-ins are always must-see.

Video: Man claiming police brutality caught punching himself in face

A man who claimed detectives beat him up was caught telling a tall tale. Aleksander Tomaszewski said detectives in Lane County, Oregon, gave him two black eyes last month while being questioned.

The great American sleep recession

I won't take it personally if you yawn while reading this story. Chances are you're sleep deprived.

Super-sneaky malware found in companies worldwide

A shadowy hacking group has infected computers at companies, universities and governments worldwide with the sneakiest malware ever.

Road rage: Cameras and guns only add to the problem

Most road rage incidents don't amount to much. Some shouting. A few harsh words. A rude gesture or two.

New frontier in apples: Red or golden but never brown

It's something pioneer nurseryman Johnny Appleseed likely never imagined.

Train derails, explodes in West Virginia; crude oil spills into river

A train hauling crude oil derailed and exploded in West Virginia, displacing up to 1,000 residents and contaminating the local water supply.