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Obama to Hold 'Beer Summit'

President invites Sgt. Crowley, black scholar Gates over for beers to calm furor over professor's controversial arrest

Famous Bank Robber's Gun Nets $95G at Texas Auction

A statement from the auction house says Dillinger was carrying the small pistol hidden in a sock when he was arrested in Tucson, Arizona, 75 years ago.

Clinton: 'No, Never' to White House Bid

Secretary of state shuts door to another presidential campaign, says she has 'no belief' that she will run again • N. Korea Warns of 'Unimaginably Deadly Blows' to U.S.

3-Car Crash on N.Y. Highway Kills 8, Including 4 Kids

New York State Police say seven people have died in a three-car crash on the Taconic State Parkway, has reported.

U.S. on Verge of Closing Anthrax Mailings Case

A year after government scientist Bruce Ivins killed himself while under investigation for the lethal 2001 anthrax mailings, the Justice Department is on the verge of closing the case.

NASA Patches Air-Purifying System on Space Station

A space station air purifier was working again after it shut down at the worst possible time, when company was still visiting and had swollen the on-board crowd to a record 13 people.

Top Dem: Health ReformNeeds GOP Backing

Senate Democrats will need help from across the aisle to pass Obama's health care overhaul, top lawmaker says

Ex-Boxing Champion Shot and Killed in Georgia

Atlanta Police Sgt. Lisa Keyes said in an e-mail Sunday that Vernon Forrest may have been robbed and was shot "multiple times in the back" Saturday night in Atlanta.

Alberto Contador Wins Tour de France a Second Time

Alberto Contador of Spain has won the Tour de France for a second time, and Lance Armstrong will join him on the podium after finishing third in his comeback to cycling's main event.

AP Sources: U.S. Man Was 'Gold Mine' of Terror Intel

The official said the man provided "an intelligence gold mine" to U.S. officials, including possible information about a suspected militant who was killed in a Predator drone strike last November.