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Firefighter Rips Sotomayor as Unfair

Supreme Court pick accused of 'personal' ruling by white firefighters in discrimination case | FULL COVERAGE

Eighth Person Charged in Florida Couple's Murders

Eight people have been charged in a precisely executed, deadly break-in at a Florida Panhandle home, but authorities are still seeking at least one more accomplice who they believe failed his assignment to disable the house's surveillance system.

Honduras Reinstates Curfew, Warns of Action

Honduras' interim government warned of armed actions to return ousted President Manuel Zelaya to power and reinstated an overnight curfew it had lifted only days earlier.

California Eyes Pot Payoff of $1.4B

Lawmaker says bill to tax marijuana like alcohol would generate over a billion in revenue for cash-strapped state

Honduras Interim Leader Willing to Step Down

Honduras' interim leader said Wednesday he is willing to step down to help end his country's political crisis, but only if ousted President Manuel Zelaya isn't allowed to regain power.

Taxing for Your Health Like It's 1986

Democrats seek to create new taxes to fund health bill — taxing millionaire families as much as 45 percent

Israeli Warships in Suez Canal a Signal to Iran?

Two Israeli warships reportedly sailed through the Suez Canal on Tuesday, ten days after a submarine believed to be nuclear-armed made the crossing.

Magazine Posts Video of 1984 Jackson Pepsi Ad Fire

A video showing Michael Jackson during the 1984 Pepsi commercial accident that some blame for his painkiller addiction was posted online by Usmagazine.com.

Farewell Sears Tower: Tallest Building in U.S. Renamed

But when Chicago residents go to bed Thursday night their beloved Sears Tower, one of the world's iconic skyscrapers and the tallest building in the U.S., will no longer be the Sears Tower. It will be Willis Tower.