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Popular Children's Web Site Under Attack by Hackers

Your kids think they're feeding their online Neopet with new software. But they could be feeding your financial data to a hacker.

Michael Jackson Dermatologist Denies Giving Star Propofol

Michael Jackson's dermatologist said he had sedated the pop star in the past for painful medical procedures but had never given him dangerous sedatives like Propofol to use

'Laverne and Shirley' Star Eddie Mekka Arrested for DUI

'Laverne and Shirley' actor Eddie Mekka arrested in Las Vegas after alleged drunken car crash

Report: Britney Spears Taking Diet Pills Before Performances

Dad caught her popping over-the-counter diet pills and washing them down with Red Bull, says source

'Harry Potter' Star Faces 14 Years for Growing Drug Farm

Child star could face up to 14 years for growing ten marijuana plants valued at $3G in his bedroom

Elizabeth Taylor Sought Out Same Doctor Who Treated Jackson

A rep for Taylor says the screen legend denies the story, calling it a "blank blank blank lie"

Arizona Woman Survives Webcam Suicide Attempt

A Phoenix woman distraught over a breakup tried to hang herself and tape the suicide on her webcam, but she was rescued by her parents after her boyfriend alerted them about what was going on.

Cell Phone Videos Not Allowed at Texas 'Fight Club' Trial

A Texas judge dealt a major blow Tuesday to the case against a man accused of filming late-night 'fight club' bouts at a state facility for the developmentally disabled, ruling that videos of them could not be used at trial.