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50 Sexiest Over-50 Stars

PHOTOS: Hotness isn't limited to the young and fabulous. These 50 over-50 stars still have serious sex appeal

Prison Coach: Madoff Was Not Afraid of Jail Sentence

Herb Hoelter told the CBS "Early Show" that Bernard Madoff was remorseful but composed when Hoelter met him four days before sentencing.

Exclusive: Joanna Krupa on Bad Pick-Up Lines, Self-Spanking

The Polish model, and now reality star, dishes on her show's host, playful spanking, and bad pick-up lines

Photo Captures Marine Escaping Afghan Blast

The moment a U.S. Marine ran to safety as an explosion killed two of his comrades in Afghanistan was caught on camera.

'World's Oldest' Mom Gave Birth at 66, Dead at 69

The world’s oldest mother has died of breast cancer – sparking fears that fertility drugs triggered her tumors.

Cameron Diaz Credits Parents' 39-Year Marriage for Success

Diaz says parents' 'powerful' relationship is the secret to keeping her grounded in Hollywood

Indian Brides Allegedly Forced to Take Virginity Tests

Brides are reportedly being forced to take virginity and pregnancy tests before they are married in state-sponsored ceremonies in India.

Consumers Get $23 Quadrillion Visa Bill Due to Glitch

A New Hampshire man was shocked to learn that a pack of cigarettes cost him $23,148,855,308,184,500, or more than $23 quadrillion — a number that rivals that of the national debt.