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Debate Turns to Rage

Florida event to discuss health care explodes into a near riot as protesters clash with lawmakers | VIDEO

Schools Told 'a Few' Swine Flu Cases No Reason to Close Down

Swine flu is expected to return when kids go back to school, and the government is hoping its new advice on when to shut down schools during an outbreak will prevent the panic and confusion that led to hundreds of school closures last spring.

Pakistani Taliban Chief Killed by U.S., Aide Says

Pakistan's Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud, who led a violent campaign of homicide attacks and assassinations against the Pakistani government, has been killed in a U.S. missile strike, a militant commander and aide to Mehsud said Friday.

Fewer Layoffs Expected as Recession Loosens Grip

First, the good news. Workers probably got slapped with fewer pink slips in July as the worst recession since World War II winds down.

Couple Seeks New Home for Statue of Soldier

A Massachusetts couple is looking for a new home for a granite statue they built to honor American troops fighting overseas after the town that they planned to donate it to declined their offer after residents complained.

'Clunkers' Refill Passed

Congress OKs $2B extension of 'cash for clunkers' program, clearing legislation for Obama's signature

Murder Won Out Over Manson's Music Aspirations

When you think of Charles Manson many things come to mind: criminal, psycho, muderer, but rarely ever muscian.

Iraqi Lawmakers Want to Ban Smoking in Public Areas

After six years of war and terrorist bombings, Iraq is moving against a different killer in its midst — smoking.

Director John Hughes Dead at 59

Famed director John Hughes died of a heart attack Thursday, according to a report from TMZ.