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'Grandma Bandit' Robs Two Houston Banks Hours Apart

FBI agents are searching for a woman who struck two Houston banks less than four miles apart — and was brazen enough not to cover her face, the Houston Chronicle has reported.

Feds: Zazi Trips, Shopping Led to NYC Terror Threat

The peroxide purchases, Zazi's prayer at a local mosque on the eve of his planned attack and a cross-country trip back to his Queens neighborhood.

Israel: Time to Act on Iran

Israeli prime minister urges U.S. to take action over Iranian nuke site in call to house speaker, unidentified senators

GOP Pushes Obama toQuash Aid for Qaddafi

Republicans call on White House to cancel $400G in funding to Libyan leader's foundations• Qaddafi Meets With Relatives of Lockerbie Victims

Venezuela Seeking Uranium With Iran's Help

Iran is helping Venezuela to detect uranium deposits and initial evaluations suggest reserves are significant, the South American government said Friday.

D.A.: Preacher-Turned-Reality Star Killed Porn Actress

A preacher-turned-reality TV star faces charges of torturing and killing an ex-porn actress in the couple's shared suburban Los Angeles home.

History of Outrage at School District

N.J. district criticized for students' Obama song, drew howls in '07 for drill with fake right-wing extremist group

G-20 Vows Economic Fixes

World leaders pledge to set goals for economic balance, but create no penalies for those failing to reach them