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'Bruno' Lands Number One Spot at Weekend Box Office

Gay Austrian fashion devotee Bruno has landed the No. 1 spot at the weekend box office, though it's uncertain how much staying power he has.

Woman Found Dead in NYC High-Rise Bound, Gagged

A woman found dead in a skyscraper where a cleaning woman had vanished days earlier was bound and gagged and had a gold crucifix taped to her mouth, police said Sunday.

Concern Over Bias on Bench

With confirmation hearings set to start, GOP lawmakers worry Obama's Supreme Court pick Sonia Sotomayor will put personal bias before the law if placed on bench

Richest Young Stars: Then & Now

These young stars made more money than some of us will ever make in ten years - all before the age of 21

Kids Deny Sex Abuse After Dad's 20-Year Prison Stint

Grown son, daughter testify in Washington state court that father never did sexually abuse them in mid-1980s.

Will Oscar Wake Up With a 'Hangover' Next Year?

Whatever happens next year, the Oscar race for best picture will be more exciting than it has been in decades

Researchers Hunt Mythic Giant Northwest Earthworm

Few have seen it, but there's no doubt the giant Palouse earthworm, which is albino and can reach three feet long.

Democrats Call for CIA Program Probe

Senate Dems want investigation into CIA's anti-terrorism program reportedly ordered secret by Dick Cheney