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12-year old girl asks Pope, "Why does God let children suffer?"

CNN — A few years ago, Glyzelle Palomar was begging for food on the streets of northern Manila.

Paying respects to real 'American Sniper'

AUSTIN, TX (KEYE) — The Oscar nominated film "American Sniper" debuted over the weekend.

Patriots win hurts Super Bowl ticket prices

NEW YORK (CNNMONEY) — Super Bowl tickets are cheaper than they were last year. You can thank the Patriots for that.

18-month-old boy mauled by family dogs

CNN — An 18-month-old boy was attacked and killed by two family dogs in central Florida.

Personal stories, fewer new policies: Obama to deliver new kind of State of the Union

CNN — With many of his policy proposals already announced ahead of tonight's State of the Union, President Barack Obama will instead deliver a different kind of address to the nation, sources familiar with the speech said.

I haven't gotten a raise in years

No one needs to tell Sandy Humphrey that wages are stagnating. She feels it in every paycheck. The Oklahoma state worker hasn't gotten a raise since 2012, and she's not expecting one this year either.

Taking it to the streets: Protest marches mark the MLK Day holiday

Protests -- some disruptive, but none violent -- marked Martin Luther King Jr. Day across the country.

Biden's MLK speech spotlights race, policing issues

Vice President Joe Biden used the Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday Monday to focus on the problems that he says exists between "police and the community."

Facebook has more than 1,100 jobs to fill

CNN — Facebook has 1,159 job openings listed on its corporate site, as the social network company continues its aggressive growth plans.

Can America handle the truth on race?

CNN — Truth and reconciliation. As we mark Martin Luther King Jr. Day this year, it's worth asking: Can America handle either one?