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TCU, Boise State may give BCS leg to stand on

Unless Nebraska screws it up, both TCU and Boise State will earn BCS bids.

Report: Nets' Frank expected to be fired shortly

When your team is 0-16, there isn't much job security.

Our NFL experts weigh in on Week 12

If the Eagles are going to win the NFC East, they can't slip vs. the Skins.

Follow all the Week 12 action LIVE

The Texans scored the first 17 points and the Colts' perfect season seemed over. But Indy rallied to improve to 11-0.

Woods expected to talk to police Sunday

Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin, are expected to talk to police for the first time Sunday, breaking a two-day silence that has only fueled speculation about his early morning accident, why he left the house at that hour, where he was going and whether

Countdown: Previewing Sunday's Week 12 games

Donovan McNabb should be excited about unleashing DeSean Jackson on the Redskins.