Mother still grieving after son's remains are identifed in St. Amant

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - 1:45pm

When word spread through St. Amant monday that two hunters had stumbled across human remains, Christine Alexis says she knew almost instinctively it was her son, Robert.

"It’s like somebody took a pistol and hit me in the chest. It took the wind out of me. Your whole body goes to shaking, and you can't control it,” stated Alexis. “But you know, it was coming. I knew it was coming."

After four years of waiting and wondering what happened to her first-born son, Christine Alexis says she's finally close to bringing him home.

While she'll finally be able to bury her son, she's still not at peace with his death.

“Yes, now I am going to have his remains. Yes, I am going to know where he's at. But I don't know what happened. And him being there that long, how are we going to know what happened?"

The wooded area where Robert Alexis' remains were found was less than two miles from his home. His mother says knowing he was there the entire time may be the hardest part of Monday's discovery.

"For four years, every day we went by there, and you have no idea."

The Alexis family still has two more months to wait until their son's body will be released by the parish coroner.

"I am going to sit and wait, just like I waited for four years, and then I am going to put him to rest."


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