Man charged with vehicular homicide flees from court last Monday

Still has yet to be captured

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - 3:45pm

"I don't want anyone else to lose their best friend because of somebody else's carelessness," says Kelly Breaux, the best friend of Cacie Barras, the victim of a drunk driver.

That's what happened to Kelly Breaux.  Back on June 10, her best friend Cacie Barras was killed in a car accident.  Police say 43 year old Wade Lohse is the one responsible.  He's been charged with vehicular homicide.  Lohse went to the Lafayette Parish Courthouse last Monday for the opening day of his trial.  Just after 10 a.m. he left, saying he needed to put change in the parking meter.  He hasn't been seen since.  Lohse faces other charges too, including Aggravated Burglary and being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm.

"This is not a one time bad judgement decision.  This guy is a career criminal, our court system has recognized that and I think at some point he recognized it and that is why he walked out that court room," says Captain Kip Judice, Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Department.

A decision that means Cacie's friends and family have to wait for closure.

"She was very popular, very well liked.  She always had a smile on her face.  She had this laugh like nobody else, I mean, she was very well loved.  In fact, her funeral had so many people there that I didn't even know she touched so many people," says Kelly Breaux.

Police say they're doing everything they can to find Lohse.

"We're actually using the resources to capture this fugitive that we use to capture the most heinous of crimes.  We recognize that this guy has to come back and face his day in court," says Captain Judice.

Police think Lohse left Acadiana.  They did track him for a short period of time, but those leads have gone cold.  Still, Captain Judice believes they will find him. 


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