Louisiana school grades released

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 - 7:56pm

With the Lafayette Public School System going from a c ranking to a b ranking this year. We talked to Superintendent Pat Cooper to find out how the school system pulled this off.

Lafayette's Superintendent is full of excitement about this new ranking in the school system and tells me it could not have come at a better time

 Superintendent Pat Cooper:  "This shows everybody that our public school system can rise to the occasion our teachers know what they're doing our principals know what they're doing and our kids are gonna perform were gonna be just as good as the music and the food."

As he went on about the excitement of the schools I asked Dr. Cooper what his administration did to help the schools get this higher ranking.

Cooper: "We must have sent in two thousand requests for changes that uh the state looked at and when they made these changes we went from that c to a b"

Although Dr. Cooper is proud of what his administration has done, he is aware of how his changes have not always set well with some.

 Change is in itself difficult but people seem to have embraced it now and they're beginning to understand what were trying to accomplish and that all we want is better things for our children and our teachers.

According to Superintendent Pat Cooper it was not just one particular thing that pulled this off but a mixture of multiple things that the school systems have used this year.

 Cooper: Our teachers were better prepared and they obviously taught our kids and our kids have the knowledge to to show up better in the test scores.

The state bases the rankings on a multitude of things including test scores, amount of growth, socio-economic status of the children, attendance, and drop-out rates, but Dr Cooper wants our children to walk away with more than just good testing skills.

Cooper: There is a certain set of for instance virtues that we want all kids to know you know honesty and making good decisions that doesn't come in any kind of math curriculum or science curriculum that has to be taught by teachers and by example"

Dr Cooper is proud of the fact that this growth has happened over the last year and that these rankings do not go up unless teachers are working really hard and kids are learning

Cooper: The fact that we went from a c to a b is a step in the right direction and all we have to do is just turn this thing around and I think were beginning to turn it around to see positive results.

 Although a step in the right direction superintendent Pat Cooper says that there is still a long road ahead of us to get this school system the best that it can be.


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