Louisiana police warn about Internet scam called 'Ransomware'

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 8:30am

Thibodaux Chief of Police Scott Silverii wants to inform the public about a new scam circulating on the Internet called “Ransomware.”

“Ransomware” is a scam where computer hackers take control of your computer as you are browsing through the Internet, and hold your computer “hostage” until you pay them money. They claim to be from the FBI, and will tell you that you are in violation of copyright law. The hacker, claiming to be from the FBI, says that you have to send money to a certain account before your computer can be released.

This is a SCAM.

If this happens to you, here are a few steps you can take:

1. Disconnect the Internet from your computer.
2. Run your antivirus software.
3. If your antivirus software does not work, you may have to do a full system restore.
4. Contact the Police.

Scammers often play on fear, and want you to react quickly without advice. The Thibodaux Police Department has already had one reported incident similar to this so far.

Chief Silverii and the Thibodaux Police Department urge all of our partners to contact your local law enforcement immediately if this happens to you, and to beware so you do not fall victim to these criminals.


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I just had this happen to me on Friday night, and this virus is a pain to remove, luckily I was able to download a software to remove it. Now, its off my computer and running fine.

This scam came on my computer about 3 months ago. It said that I was in violation of child pornography and it also has a webcam, where when it comes up you can see yourself on your screen. It wanted me to pay $400 to get my computer back. Of course i didn't pay it. I installed an antivirus, and the scam came off. It was totally blocking my computer, I couldn't do anything. And my computer is my job. I work at home as a dispatcher. So needless to say, this caused me alot of problems.

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