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Louisiana not lacking in seafood department, so why no fresh fish markets here in Acadiana?

Photo by KADN staff

State legislation passed in the 90's regulates certain fish from being harvested, kills supply in state

Friday, July 25, 2014 - 9:18am

Fresh grouper, red fish, snapper..you probably know people who head offshore to catch these fish.  But it's rare you'll see any of this delicious seafood in our seafood markets.

"It's very hard over here to sell product like this because the price factor.  It's very expensive," says Mike Qudsi, owner of L&L Seafood.

Turns out, much of the fish we could get out of the Gulf of Mexico is imported to Acadiana from someplace else.

"The fish is out there it's there we see it, we know it's out there.  The supply is there, you just can't get to it.  The supply has been regulated off the table," says Frank Randol, owner of Randol's restaurant.

Acadiana restaurant owners and seafood market owners say lawmakers put some tough regulations in place in the nineties because they were concerned commercial fishermen were 'over harvesting' some of these fish from the gulf.

"Regulated means we're shutting it off.  Managed means we're going to figure out how to make it sustainable," says Randol.

And Frank Randol says it's time for the government to step up and put together a management plan to figure out how we can both protect and enjoy our Louisiana seafood.


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