Louisiana man makes huge statement with 'Egg Art'

Photo provided by John Lamouranne.
Friday, June 21, 2013 - 11:30am

A Louisiana man is making a big statement with his very different style of art. He uses eggs to create art masterpieces.

John Lamouranne really is a one of a kind artist.

“I’m the only one.”

He spends hours in his studio painting, but not on canvas. He uses eggs.

“Why eggs? Why not,” said Lamouranne.

As a graphic designer, at first, he decided he wanted to move into fine arts.

“I painted a Disney egg for my daughter but it was a single egg and later on I began gluing them together and making people,” said Lamouranne.

So what started as a hobby grew to much more.

"I did an egg show in Hong Kong in 2009 and that kind of put me on the map.”

And now his excellent art is being sent all over the nation.

“The most popular are the musical eggs - old musicians. I’m kind of stuck in the 60’s, so most of them are the old guys,” noted Lamouranne.

From musicians, to medical eggs, he’s does just about anything you can think of, and he says his business and hobby would not have exploded like it did if it wasn't for technology.

“I've been doing this about 30 years but it really didn’t get popular until Internet and computers came. But years ago I'd do them locally and sold them," noted Lamouranne.

He doesn't just use chicken eggs. Lamouranne uses goose eggs for their size and he uses ceramic, plastic and wood eggs for stability.


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