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Officials continue to battle oil spill in Gulf

The continues to spread in the Gulf of Mexico, but officials still are giving it their all. The fire hasn't been an adequate match for the oil, so British Petroleum is working on other options. One plan involves a dome-type chamber system to ca

Former LHS teacher indicted on multiple charges

LAFAYETTE - A former Lafayette High School teacher has been indicted on federal charges for videotaping students having sex in his apartment. Stephen McKay Hurst is facing multiple counts of child pornography, as well as obstruction of justice.

Pentagon sends Air Force to help with spill

The Pentagon has approved the use of two Air Force planes to dump chemicals on the oil spill threatening the Gulf coast. The planes were sent from Ohio to Mississippi Thursday to await orders. A number of civilian planes have already been doin

Lafayette Parish counselor arrested on drug charges

LAFAYETTE - A counselor in the Lafayette Parish school system was arrested on drug charges. Narcotics agents booked Leah Arceneaux yesterday after raiding her apartment. Authorities say they found marijuana and lortab.

State House considers sex education bill

BATON ROUGE - The state House is considering a bill that would require all public schools in the state to teach sex education. The teaching would include abstinence, contraceptives and STD's. It is currently legal for schools to use the program

Oil spill bigger than Rhode Island

Clean up crews work frantically to clean up the spill that now covers over 1800 square miles of ocean. That's bigger than the state of Rhode Island. Authorities say they have begun burning some of the thickest oil in an attempt to keep it from

Legislators reject same-sex adoption

BATON ROUGE - State senators rejected a bill to let same sex parents adopt children together in the Pelican State. They argued adoptions would encourage immoral behavior and violate the spirit of a consitutional ban on gay marriage.

Clausen cuts own salary

Higher Education Commissioner Sally Clausen is reducing her salary and refusing her car and housing allowances.

Britney Spears 'GLEE' Episode?

The kids at McKinley High could be taking on tunes of pop princess Britney Spears. "GLEE" creator Ryan Murphy tells Entertainment Weekly he's interested in a Britney-themed episode. The singer's manager is also pushing for the idea on Twitter.

UL player dismissed from team

LAFAYETTE - UL baseball player William Long has been dismissed from the team. Long was arrested on battery charges, after police responded to a domestic disturbance call Monday morning.