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Senate committee shoots down energy drink bill

BATON ROUGE - The energy drink ban bill was shot down Wednesday. The Senate committee decided that parents, not the state, should decide what their kids can drink. The bill would have made it illegal for kids under 16 to buy the caffeine-rich p

Energy drink bill headed to committee

BATON ROUGE - An energy drink ban bill is set to hit the Senate committee today. Senator Robert Adley is proposing legislation that would ban the sale of energy drinks to anyone under age 16. The ban would fall on any drink except coffee that h

City holds chemical roundup

LAFAYETTE - It was described as as a huge turnout over the weekend at Cajun Field even though football season is still months away. All the action was in the parking lot as folks lined up for household chemical day. The program allows residents

Inmates to receive victim cards

Prisons across the state are handing out special decks of playing cards to inmates. Each card contains pictures of murder victims. If a prisoner knows anything about the crime, they can make a tip anonymously.

Legislators consider new float-maker law

BATON ROUGE - Louisiana lawmakers are considering a bill that would make it more difficult for parade float-makers to be sued due to injuries. They say most injuries are a result of the hectic parade atmosphere and not malfunctioning equipment.

State officials focus on emergency disaster situations

BATON ROUGE - State emergency response leaders got a lesson in teamwork Thursday. Parish officials from across the state met in the capital city for the first annual parish leadership summit. The seminar focused on how the state's leaders

Abortion bill heads to House for discussion

BATON ROUGE - A Jindal administration bill that would bar health insurance coverage for elective abortions in Louisiana is headed to the House for debate. Representative Frank Hoffmann, a Republican out of west Monroe, introduced the bill.

Law enforcement arrests 22 drug dealers

LAFAYETTE - A major investigation led to the arrest of 22 drug dealers. All dealers will face charges of either possessing or selling marijuana and cocaine. The arrests were a result of 42 warrants issued by local authorities.

Blood blank running low

LAFAYETTE - The patient blood supply has dipped to a critically low level at United Blood Services in Lafayette. Hospital officials say that a sharp decrease in donations in the past two weeks is to blame.

Ban against cameras issuing citations fails

BATON ROUGE - A proposed statewide ban against using mounted cameras to issue traffic violations died in committee Monday. However, a bill that would make it easier for drivers to contest a traffic light camera citiation is scheduled for a judici