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Louisiana officials considering looser firearms laws

Handguns may be allowed at state parks, churches and near school yards in the future. Louisiana lawmakers open a session on Monday to discuss loosening regulations on state firearms.

21st ULL Black Student Awards achieves all-time high

LAFAYETTE - 350 students were honored in the 21st Annual Black Student Achievement Awards reception took place Tuesday night. Awards were given to students who had a GPA of 3.0 or higher. The ceremony marked the largest ever by the University o

Man allegedly rips off Saints players

NEW ORLEANS - Federal charges for a man accused of ripping off investors, including a group of New Orleans Saints. Wayne Reed is accused of de-frauding 15 Saints players to pay for what they thought would be state movie industry tax cedits.

Police engage in shoot-out with suspect

LAFAYETTE - The SWAT team and K-9 officers were dispatched last night when Lafayette police officers engaged in a shoot-out.

EPA looking into drilling techniques

LAFAYETTE — The EPA is looking into potential health hazards caused by oil and natural gas drilling techniques. The process known as fracking injects massive amounts of water, sand and chemicals underground that could affect the water supply


The United States has big problems with broadband access, speed and cost, but the Federal Communications Commission's solutions may be too weak to have any lasting impact.

Former teacher faces pornography charges

OPELOUSAS - Larry Caillier II is set to stand trial May 17 on federal child pornography charges. The former Opelousas High teacher had previously been indicted on charges of attempting to coerce a minor to engage in sexual acts.

N.P. Moss learns fate Wednesday

LAFAYETTE - N.P. Moss Middle School could soon know it's fate. The Lafayette Parish School Board is set to decide Wednesday on a plan to open a new high school in August. One proposal under consideration calls for converting N.P.

Hurricane experts meet in Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE - Hurricane experts across the country are meeting in Baton Rouge this week. Up to 500 experts are expected to attend the Central Gulf of Mexico Hurricane Conference to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season.