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House passes bill allowing tuition raise

The state House approved a bill allowing colleges to raise tuition by 10% a year, if they meet certain performance benchmarks.

Farmers look to hay to stop oil

Louisiana farmers are pushing hay as the answer to the cleanup. They say enough bails are leftover in the gathering process to send to the coast.

Acadiana land battle yet to be decided

An Acadiana land battle continues where the Lafayette city-parish council recently decided Wednesday night to hold off on annexing more land along Ambassador Caffery Parkway.

Former teacher's trial postponed til later date

The trial for former Acadiana High teacher Stephen Hurst has been pushed back. Hurst faces six federal charges including production of child pornography. He was scheduled to stand trial June 21st...

Gulf gets help from afar

Relief for the massive oil spill comes from all corners of the United States. A coast guard crew in Hawaii has been sent to help with the cleanup.

Construction set for new bike trail

$100,000 has been dedicated to constructing a new bike trail in Lafayette. The trail will eventually link Lafayette with Breaux Bridge. No word yet on when the project is expected to be completed.  

Top kill method fails in Gulf

After three separate attempts of shooting mud and debris into the leaking well, the top kill method has failed. British Petroleum made the official announcement Saturday.

Coast Guard approves dredge plan

The Coast Guard approved Governor Jindal's 'dredging' plan Thursday. The move will cost $350 million and involves building sand walls along the Louisiana coast to keep crude from creeping into the marsh.

Jindal approves protective wall of sand

The U.S. Coast Guard has approved Governor Jindal's $350 million plan to create a wall of sand along the coast. Officials say It is to keep crude from creeping into the marsh.

DOTD Issues Memorial Day Travel Advisory