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Lafayette Citizens On Either Side Speak Out On Smoking Ban

There's currently no law banning smoking, nor is there any proposal in Lafayette Parish but Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux brought the topic to the forefront with his public forum held earlier this week and now the response continues to grow

Carencro Police Make Drug Bust

Carencro Police say they've taken thousands worth of illegal drugs off the streets from several locations in the city.

Eunice Couple Charged With Multiple Counts Of Sexual Battery

A Eunice couple is facing multiple sexual battery charges tonight including aggravated incest. Ulyess John Boudreax and Heather Padget are also facing an additional six counts of oral sexual battery.

Lafayette Arsonist Arrested

a lafayette man was arrested for trying to burn down his house, with other family members still inside.  

Controversial Smoking Ban Discussed At Public Forum

The controversy over whether or not to ban smoking in bars and casinos has gotten alot of responses from viewers. While some bar's are smoke free, there is currently no law against smoking in bar's or casino's.

Lafayette Police Chief Holds Press Conference

 Firing back against allegations of corruption and pending lawsuits from his own officers, Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft called a press conference today defending his department.

Superbowl Champ Arrested

A SuperBowl champ is under arrest in Acadiana.  

Thirty Seven Year Old Child Pornographer Arrested Yet Again

Thirty-seven year old Cedric Connor pled guilty for production of child porn.  Connor admitted to photographing a seven-year old girl in sexually explicit positions while he was supposed to be babysitting her.

Two Lafayette Child Pornographers Behind Bars

The US Attorney's Office in Lafayette put away not one but two men for child porn today. One of these men was an ex-deputy.  

Lafayette Council Meeting on Smoke Free Initiative Gets Tense

Lafayette Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux hosted a lively meeting that turned controversial last night, dealing with a smoke free initiative to ban smoking in bars and night clubs.