Local News

Parts of I-10 and I-12 closed due to chemical spill

If you're planning to head to Baton Rouge tonight or tomorrow you may want to reroute. There have been major traffic delays all across the capital region.

Man locks self in cockpit

A man is in police custody tonight after police say he locked himself in an airplane cockpit at Baton Rouge Metro Airport.

Lafayette Football Field Gets Face Lift

It is a sports landmark in Lafayette and thanks to the city and the Kiwanis club Clark field got a bit of a face lift.

Lafayette man in jail tonight charged with second degree battery and aggravated assault

A Lafayette man is in jail tonight charged with second degree battery and aggravated assault.

Deputy Brandon Nielsen laid to rest

Deputy Brandon Nielsen was laid to rest today less than a week after he was shot and killed while on duty in St. John The Baptist Parish.

LSU Police seeking suspect responsible for felony at Rec Center

On August 14, 2012, the male displayed below was observed committing a felony theft at the LSU Student Recreation Center.

Police negotiation ends at Baton Rouge Airport, suspect in custody

 UPDATE: The suspect has been identified as Andrew Aleffi. Police say he passed through security and showed no warning signs or a weapon. They will not say whether or not he made any demands during the negotiation.

Tropical Storm Isaac & T.D. Ten afternoon update

Afternoon Tropical Update: Tropical Storm Isaac is quickly moving west around 21 mph. He will head over the Leeward Islands and into the Caribbean Sea today.

Specialists consult to determine plan for removal of leaking chemical, continued delays through morning

An early morning crash on I-10 put the brakes on traffic in Baton Rouge and no relief seems to be in sight.

Police negotiation underway at Baton Rouge airport

 American Airlines has confirmed to NBC33 News that a police negotiation is currently underway at the Baton Rouge airport.