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Reward increases to $15,000 for shooting death of Whooping Crane

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) Enforcement Division agents and U.S.

Eco-friendly bags might not be so friendly to your health

The trend nationwide is to be more "eco-friendly" and many people are doing so by using reusable grocery bags. But this "green" alternative to plastic might be making you sick.

Two men physically, sexually attack acquaintance after breaking into home

Two men face charges for allegedly breaking into the home of an acquaintance. Once inside, they allegedly physically abused and sexually attacked the victim.

Department of Insurance: Make sure you have enough coverage during hurricane season

With the start of hurricane season, the Louisiana Department of Insurance says you should make sure that you are fully covered today.

Human trafficking: Being aware of potential threats is the first step in prevention

As people become more aware about the dangers of human trafficking, many wonder what’s being done about it.

Narcotics detectives bust two men on multitude of drug charges

Two residents of St. Mary Parish have been arrested after a search of their home produced multiple types of illegal drugs. On June 26, the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office investigated a home in Four Corners, LA.

Vitter Makes Progress on Acadiana, Lake Charles VA Clinics

U.S. Sen. David Vitter today sent a letter to the U.S. Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee leaders urging them to include both the Lafayette and Lake Charles VA clinics in their funding authorization bill next month.

Louisiana Healthcare Education Coalition comes to Acadiana to educate public about new healthcare

The healthcare landscape is changing for Louisiana at the first of next year.  In only 96 days the public is eligible to sign up for their healthcare online.  The Louisiana Healthcare Education Coalition is interested in helping Louis

Human trafficking: ‘It’s happening in your subdivision, but everybody is unaware'

You might think human trafficking only happens in other countries, but it's happening here in the United States and right here in Louisiana.

A picture’s worth a thousand words…and possible jail time

Love can make even the most mature person do crazy things. Unfortunately, technology has created a growing problem among teens and young adults that can have very serious consequences.