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Police issue arrest warrant for fatal Christmas Day shooting suspect

Detectives are looking for Chesmond Paris, 23, who, they say, killed one man and injured another on Christmas Day. It happened around 6:15 p.m. in the 100 block of Elenore Street.

St. Vincent de Paul packed today with hundreds of people looking for a hot, holiday meal

The St. Vincent de Paul dining room was packed today with hundreds of people looking for a hot, holiday meal! Volunteers served up nearly 800 delicious dishes to those in need.

Where can we eat on Christmas Day?

Looking for a bite to eat this Christmas Day? A list of restaurants that are open tops our look at consumer news this morning.

Salvation Army Continue to Embody Christmas Spirit

In 1865 a charitable organization was formed to bring salvation to the poor, destitute and hungry.

Perfect Weather Conditions Yield Strong Sugar Cane Harvest

It’s turning out to be a sweet harvest for sugarcane farmers in Louisiana this year. With the harvest beginning in September crops are bringing in more than expected in a year that was expected to have a decline.

Lafayette Real Estate Has Another Record Breaking Year

The year 2014 has been very very good for folks in the real estate market. In fact, this has been a record breaking year in Lafayette Parish even beating last year's record of 674 million.

What Will Landrieu's Legacy as Senator Be?

Beginning next week Mary Landrieu will be out of politics for the first time since she first elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives in 1979.

Last Minute Christmas Shoppers Fill Retail Stores

We are all guilty of it as sometime or another, last minute shopping. With Christmas almost here stores around Acadiana are filling up with last second shoppers and frantic Christmas goers.

State Police Remind Holiday Travelers to Be Safe on Roads

Christmas Eve is only a few hours away and that means family and friends and packing up the gifts and hitting the road to spend the holidays with loved ones.

Lafayette's "Trombone Man": John 'The Revelator' Mills

With holiday shopping at it’s peak, chances are while you made your way down Ambassador Caffery picking out gifts for your loved ones you have seen who many call the Trombone Man.