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Local superintendents discuss new school year, concerns and possibilities

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Common Core, poverty, and upcoming school board elections among those discussed

Monday, August 18, 2014 - 4:51pm

The Common Core debate continues, and now with school back in session the standards still raise a lot of questions for our educators.  Now our superintendents have come together to talk about the problems facing our students this year.

"From a curriculum and instructional standpoint as we begin the school year we began the school year as we would have done before the Governor's press conference in June.  From an assessment prospective however, everyone is still very concerned about that because that assessment remains unnamed," says Iberia Parish Superintendent Dale Henderson.

The superintendents are trying to make things easier by offering teachers professional development classes that will help them understand the standards and curriculum.

"We're just looking to work to become better at what we do to provide students more opportunities to be successful," says Jeff Davis Superintendent Brian LeJeune.

Another hot topic, school board elections.  The superintendents agreed open communication and working as a team will be the key to a successful future.

"Keep one thing in mind, and that's the kids.  We're educating kids.  If you keep that focus of educating students that is the mission of any school system or of any school is to educate kids," says Superintendent Henderson.


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