Local heart surgeon commends CVS for taking a stand against tobacco

Photo by KADN staff

Dr. Mitchell Lirtzman discusses potential health impact after CVS announced that they will stop selling tobacco products

Friday, February 7, 2014 - 11:42am

Cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon Dr. Mitchell Lirtzman has been battling the affects of tobacco use for over thirty years.  When the news recently broke that CVS stores everywhere are going to stop selling tobacco products, Dr. Lirtzman was over-joyed.  CVS taking this stance will potentially cost them one and a half to two billion dollars a year, and possibly some customer loss as well.

"Look at the magnitude of this decision on their part.  Their saying that's not important to us, your health is more important to us.  That is a great thing," says Dr. Lirtzman, heart surgeon at Louisiana Heart, Lung, and Vascular Center.

Doctor Lirtzman hopes to see a ripple effect with other stores taking a stand against tobacco as well.  He says if more stores start to send this message and more people stop smoking, we could see a difference in ten years.


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